The Good Lie

So i’m watching this movie called “The Good Lie.” This movie is beyond wonderful. Captivated me as soon as it begun. This movie is about the Civil War in Sudan and how a group of children made it through the War and made it to The United States. The only problem was how one of the children, the only girl got separated from the others(boys). The men went to Kansas and the girl went to Fargo with family and only because no family in Kansas would except her. It was a good lie, because she was supposed to be in Kansas along with her brothers. Turns out that she actually flew to Kansas to be with her brothers sooner than later by the help of the employment manager who kept a close bond with the men. It was soo beautiful. I cried😭😭 because noone ever understands or knows what someone else’s struggles are. It was amazing just seeing them adapt to America. Not knowing what Mcondalds is, or not knowing how to flip a light switch or use a straw. They even lost brothers when they all were younger trying to survive through the Civil War. Very sad. I definitely love this movie and i could watch it 100000 times. 


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