So i found out more horrible news today… Like what could possibly be next ? what the hell. To top it all off. I asked him did he think he valued our last time spending time last night? Oh he felt he did. His whole excuse was he thought i didnt want any drama & he claims he was jut trying to be there for me.. thats why he didnt focus on him keeping me.. yet, thats bullshit…… because i never told him to come over to be here for me, because i dont expect nor need him to be here for me anymore, thats no longer applicable for him because he never rlly has been so why all of a sudden? No thank you. and yes we talked about my aunt nd her situation, but then that was it.. after that, wokeup, and ofcourse he tried to get some pussy. Its almost like i have dumb written on my forehead. its ridiculous because of how everything just turned ito bullshit. You had one last night with me forever..& you claim you didnt want drama because you thought you didnt have to prove somewhat or something for your last time with me.. Like maybe thats just closure for us. Its like.. the more and more, i just completely become turned off. I dont know who he is anymore.. Last night was soo empty. Like no feelings. No emotions. Nothing. Kisses felt unreal..as always. everything’s just dull. yet, you want me to at least open my legs..? And all you could say was, “i want to marry you.” No. Like you claimed you would try your hardest to prove yourself and all.. But yet, you just told me “if you have to move on then i cant do anything but accept it.” like okay.. youre just complete bullshit and i see right past it. I’m just boo boo the fool lately huh? 


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