there must be something wrong with me. Like ive been irritated for the longest, like even trying to be in a good mood, i just cannot. it really sucks. I mean i try i really do but it just does not work. At all. Its really annoying and i know it bothers him but shit, hes the one who irritates tf out of me.. It just always seems like im complaining on here huh? Lol, basically. I mean, its true where is the magic man!! Where are the fireworks!!! Where are the butterflies!! Where are the cravings and yearnings!! where is it all?!!! Like seriously!! Where? We dnt even kiss.. Like he cant even kiss me. Like im bored. Where is it all!! Every scorpio its like this with. I done had a woman and now a man scorpio. They both are literally the same. Like jessssssusssssssss where is it. Wheres the making my panies wet before you even touch me? Like im not being unrealistic either. Dont even dare think that.


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