just want it to be over

like.. Idk . I jst feel like shit is really coming to an end. I cant even sit here & just be free at mind but because something is always bothering me. idk i feel like.. a lot.. Like a lot of things r missing. Like jst the lil things man.. the little things. its just my patience is running out. Altho its been couple days… It feels like forever & im jst completely at a stand still. just sooooooooooooooo irritated. I try not to be… But my feelings nd emotions overcome me. 😫 & then ğŸ˜ž & then 😡. man, i have no freaking clue. idk where things will go. but like.. im losing patience. I cannot just relax. I just cannot. I form this huge ass fucking headache. migranes. and im soooooo over it all.


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