Ever have the most selfish people around you? Those type of people who rather eat off of you and dont even bother to say thank you? like those type of people who swear up and down that they will pay you back… But you know they wont. Like those type of people you give all your money and theyre selfish to keep spending your money even without your consent. like that shit is ridiculous. Man i cant even do what i have to do because im always handing out to someone else. Like that is bullshit. complete bullshit. i cant keep doing this. cant keep doing this. ass out broke all the time for someone who doesnt even bother to say thank you or really thank me through actions. like that is ridiculous. beyond ridiculous. Something has got to give…And then.. Lmao.. Then they want to get mad at you because youre right. Like then they want to bite the hand that feeds them and then question what hand feeds them. like is this all just really a joke? Idc if youre annoyed by my attitudes and mouthing. Maybe if you had common sense we wouldnt be in this damn predicament. 


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