Thanking the King

He is more powerful than you’ll ever know. He is so kind and forgiving and so loving. Where would I be without him? Probably dead, alone, hurt, depressed and some more. He saved me, he found me. I found him. I want to praise thy name for the rest of my life and daily with letting nothing get in the way. I am so thankful. So thankful to be alive, to be smiling, to be joyful, to be changing, to be motivated. To feel soooo alive. Finally, but why? Because i have him. I have the most honored and loved king by my side, holding my hand and walking with me. Blessing my entire life right before my eyes, giving me the best blessing i can ever recieve in life. He has plans for me. He is definitely happy with me. I am so proud of myself, why? Because im not that ignorant little girl anymore. So much more understanding, full of knowledge and wise. Thanks to him. Thanks to him teaching me more than i could learn on my own. Giving me my life to long live and hope for and cherish. Giving me love. Giving me a perfect relationship, with him. Giving me peace. I’m so at peace. Im finally changing into I am meant to be, because He helped me. It is he who helped me. And for that alone, I would have to thank him everyday for the rest of my life and because why? Because he deserves it. 


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