Much more wiser

Yesterday, I could not hold it all in. i could not just continue to think so deeply about it, in a good way. So my boyfriend has asked/said me a couple of times so far, “you do not love me anymore?/!” And you know, I know why he says this, but because I love someone more than him, I LOVE THE LORD MORE THAN HIM, I LOVE JESUS MORE THAN HIM AND I LOVE GOD MORE THAN HIM. ALWAYS AND FOREVER. So that, that made me definitely start talking. I could not wait until Ive seen him to start talking and that is because hes asked such questions, could not hold it in anymore. He said it was okay for us to talk so I started talking. I asked him to change his life around and to surrender himself to God. To stop dancing with the devil but because the devil still has that one little claw stuck on his shoulder and will not let go. Sins are all around him. His music, how everything’s at a standstill. I had to remind him that he’s still on this earth. I had to remind him of the things hes been through but is oh so lucky and to have born a son. I had to remind him that he’s had numerous chances to die but didnt because God knew this time would come, God sent me to him for a reason. To help him to change. I dont want him to risk his life and surrender himself to sin. He said he would do anything for me, and thats why I am asking him to do so. He thought it was all about trying to see if God sends him a sign or etc. But i had to explain to him, it’s not about that. You have to reach out to God and he will accept you no matter what. He will touch you and speak to you and come unto you and live in you, but you have to want that and need that. He’s afraid. And told me that he was raised differently, but that’s not the case, because I was raised differently too. It’s not about how you were raised. It comes down to you being stubborn and ignorant. I was very much both. And i had to let that go because inorder to seek my God, youre going to become understanding and wise but you have to be wise to seek and to try to understand and become more wise. It’s all within. He needs peace. He just wants the money and fame but that’ll end your life sooner than later, that’ll keep the devil on your shoulder with a very tight grip. He told me he needs to think about it because his whole career will be full of sinning, and  to me honestly, seems like right then and there he chose his career over him having true love with God and me, and with blessings and promises and children and nice blessed loved life for sins and money and being alone. I pray he comes around please I just pray he comes along with me on this journey. I will show him how great it feels, how happy you will be & how blessed you will feel. I will show him, and help him try to see himself but I cannot really help him. Because he has to want and need it all himself. I also told him how i would love for him to turn his music career around. Drop the whole money, drugs, robbing, killing act. Its so non pleasing, only pleasing to those who live in complete sins. I told him how he should express his stories and life troubles through music, send a message to those in need and who can relate and have a purpose in your music. I need him to really think with deep thoughts. I would even love if he ever came around to rap about God and how great he is in his own way and style. Create a new generation of music. Be yourself without worrying about social acceptance. Because that is the main problem right there. God would bless you with money the right way. You will be promised if you have God by your side. Praising the devil for money is not promised nor will it save you or keep you alive, nor will it ever solve your problems. You have potential now let God help you create a better world with it all. He wants you to become a King and stop being a boy who’s so tempted by that devilish thing called money. I also told him how I would love for him to do this so he can teach his son, so his son can grow and become a King and so his son can have blessings and create greatness in this world and know how to love and treat women of his own flesh and who becomes apart of his flesh. He will know how to become a man. He will know how to stay away from sin. I hope and pray he doesnt chose the devil and sins against us. Regaurdless, i will forever still pray for him. Ive asked God to come to him and to touch him some way some how, to please help him get to him. Find him please.


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