I cant believe you let me down. Tears of joy i must say. God will not long to see me sad or miserable or let me think there’s something wrong w me. God has a plan for me, God has someone for me. i really thought it was him you know? Someone who’d do everything in their power to save us, no matter what. Someone who’ll love me and never stop loving me. I’m incredibly sad but because I thought it was love. I thought it was everything.

I definitely know that I just have to block him and move on with life. There’s just no way i feel like that we can possibly repair everything. I did a lot for this guy. A lot. Got up and moved 24 hours and did the most devilish things for him. I cant believe it. I cant believe I’m trying to hold on to nothing. smh. I cant believe im even considering anything. Like why? Why would i ever? 


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