Long Time

I havent wrote in a long time, which really just made me frown. Its like, from now on I know to keep things to myself and embrace my own world and growth. I feel as though ofcourse things will be funny and just histerical, but ofcourse I’ll be laughing through it all. God has really saved me, and I am so thankful for him and truly blessed, we all are. So now, I babysit my nieces and cousin, has been going very well. I cant wait💕. The Devil has been testing me w/ a lot of things but I’m trying my best to work through them and keep an eye out. but people are actually really rude and thats another sense that ive been able to point out that i see so much rudeness. its funny though,only the Devil speaking through them to try andspeak to me. But I tell him off😊 he cant get to me lol. Will never work. I love it all, although it all my make my skin crawl. God youre truly amazing. I wrote an amazing poem about him, I think I really want to post it.


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