Drowning in an ocean full of hate and sorrow,That was my everyday.

The waters holding me down,

Wave after wave.

I could feel the strength around my neck.

I felt like I could fight back,

All I needed was a sec.

This beam of light, so strong, appeared,

I knew that this was it, my time was near.

I reached, so far, for that beam of light.

Next thing I know, it grabbed me,

Captivated me.

The Lord was right before me,

Spoke unto me.

“I think it’s time you stop being your own enemy.”

That’s the day that Christ saved me,

Nor did I understand why.

See, my wings were broken, then,

But now I can fly.

See, my love for God is oh so high.

Never will I drown again,

I shall only float.

No matter in what dangerous ocean,

God will forever be my boat.

He will forever shelter me in any storm,

Like a rain coat.

I am so blessed by his merciful love.

There’s no doubt, that when I’m gone,

I will be soaring high with him, above.


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