so i mean… Wtf am i doing.. Cause i know for sure that I’m wasting my damn time.. and i know for sure that this shit aint right ..& i’m one who doesnt play about my time on a nigga. dead weight. Cause see.. This is that could b well spent. I dont have time to jst sit here nd fall for someone who dont even fucking want shit. Like son i really dont care cause at the end of the day the shit is over and dont with. this right here.. Being w eachother all day every day  n crap, i dnt want not one bit. U basically being selfish taken up all my time just to fuckin leave me with feelings n shit. No good. Im no fucking dummy man. & its like when ppl start playin w me like im so damn dummy or like im jst sweet.. Like imma real live jst sit here n b for a nigga who aint all for me. Slim a relationship w him would dead ass be dead lol. so i mean im glad it all turned out like this.. but because he obviously doesnt want me so all that “i want u ” bullshit is out the window. slim someone who wants me, will get me but then try and keep me. So i dnt care for the bullshit. i mean, yeah the chemistry great but it doesnt mean everything else on the ups. See, me. I really dont want a relationship.. but see if its the right person, i’ll be respectful of their time & if asked to b faithful, then im w it, mainly if its cause i want them. But see, respect aint always reciprocated .. Especially Not for long. I think thats what that tells me. cause see, aint no sense for all of this. Just gtf. Not with the shits.  I never care ab bullshit nd thats jst sad.. Cause dude was actually ite .. Im all good though. Imab to b. Too busy so imma need all my free time as possible anyway.. Though i dont even want him to go nywhere.. I rlly do like his company just not when he start actin like shit is in his control nd start talkin like he really feelin me. That shit jst b too in the way.. like shit jst isnt common sense.. Its so funny cause my motto is “im young and still have some hoeing to do”.. But real live i wasnt hoeing around jst now cause this lil boy done did the most ab the shits.. now it jst feels so good to b back but aye, im right w him on that.. He just cant handle the shits. Womp womp.. I honestly need a lil gf.. I be too bored.


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