Monthly Archives: February 2016

Mi Amigo

i love him. I know i do.But not because i think i do but because i know i will. But because i accept him flaws and all. Because idc.because i dont mind showing him what real love is. Because honestly, thats someone i’d want to grow with. And build memories with. Because we’re so alike. And we’re very different. And hes so closeminded.. I just want him to see shit… Even if its not with me. I want to encourage him. Hes young. hes experienced though. Hes mature.i really fuck with him. Hes cool ppls. honestly, if we really would even end up together, i just know i’d always hold that spot for him and never give it up to anyone and thats if he keeps his word being my bestfriend. Because lord knows i needed someone. not just anyone.



God, thank you. Thank you for life. Thank you for love. Thank you for hope. Thank you for faith. Thank you for creativty. Thank you.

Forgive me. Forgive me for all the sins I have comitted. Forgive me fof ignorance and stupidity. Forgive me. Know that I love you and know that I mean no harm my Lord.

Thank you for dreams. Wishes. Thank you for knowledge. Thank you for friends. Thank you for family. 

Thank you for better days. 

Thank you most importantly, for experiences. Thank you. I love you. We love you.